Not Sorry for Party Rocking

Laura May 16, 2012 0
Not Sorry for Party Rocking

Whether you know it or not EDM has been infiltrating the music scene over the past few years.  You might not understand it, call it a straight racket and think that the DJ’s push buttons from their computers and songs are magically produced; but it’s a little more complicated than that (which we won’t get into). However, the primary goal of all EDM is the spirit of dance.

Since the general population isn’t comfortable being thrust into something they don’t understand, here enters LMFAO, the duo that made electro-pop and house music safe for the masses.  They’ve inspired random flash mobs with their infectionous beats and have brought everyone on board to their Party Rock lifestyle.

That being said, LMFAO is nominated for 11 Billboard Music Awards, (for Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I Know It ) this week amongst some heavy hitters in the industry like: Adele, Bruno Mars, Drake and even Lil’ Wayne. Whether they win or not, great that the Billboard producers recognized that there’s something more to the bling and flashy outfits.  It’s to give people the opportunity to explore dance music and the ability to bring people together.

For a List of All the Billboard 2012 Nominees:

Check out this video because it’s funny and we all know “That Guy”

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